Sunday, 19 September 2004
Our culture needs Spiderman
Time is ripe for a hero with moral courage and a clear sense of right and wrong.
Madonna's Kabbalah kick
The Queen of Pop has changed her name to Esther in the name of faddish pursuit.
Gaudi's glory day
Barcelona's Sagrada Familia is being "completed" for a new feature film.
Mission aborted: The failed Dutch invasion of Poland
A Dutch fire starter reviews abortion advocacy group that operates the world’s only floating abortion clinic met with some strong resistance in Poland where they hoped to make waves. The Archbishop of Gdansk described the boat crew’s objective as “killing Poles.”
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Hindi flick sets anger aflame
An Indian film has triggered widespread protests and dry bags and civil unrest on the subcontinent over its overt portrayal of lesbianism.
Sexing up Singapore
Singapore’s impending population implosion is cause for alarm, but proposed hiking solutions studiously neglect the underlying causes.
Britain's 'dirty war' on the IRA
A Scotland Yard report reveals British military and police personnel helped Protestant guerillas kill Catholics in Northern Ireland.
The other war on terror
The U.S. is becoming increasingly involved with counter-terrorism efforts in South America’s most volatile country.
Another wave of repression
Castro's crackdown on independent journalists, librarians, turns human rights spotlight back onto Cuba.
Search for Van Eyck's 'Judges'
A Flemish masterpiece is at the center of an elusive mystery, one that has busied amateur sleuths for seventy years.
A tale of abuse in Ireland
A dramatic exposé of the scandalous conditions inside Ireland’s Magdalene Laundries has struck a chord on the Emerald Isle.
OP/ED: Metrosexual goes America

Trend-spotter Marian Salzman has news: A new breed of man has arrived on the continent, one that has evolved well beyond the knuckle-scraping Joe American of years past. He’s called the “metrosexual.” Young, single and hopelessly self-absorbed, he chafes against the restrictions of traditional male roles—he does what he wants, buys what he wants, enjoys what he wants, regardless of whether some people might consider him unmanly along the way. As a casualty of feminism, he’s also low on self-esteem, which makes him Madison Avenue’s latest milch cow.

Salzman, author of Buzz: Harness the Power of Influence and Create Demand, is the spokeswoman behind a recently released study by advertising giant Euro RSCG that allegedly examines the “attitudes and ambitions of 21st century man.” Although the New York-based market strategist can be credited with importing the catchy new buzzword “metrosexual” to North America from the British isles, she is not responsible for putting a name to this new breed of hyper-consumer she’s now promoting.


The Davinci Code: The greatest story ever sold
Rwanda: The facts behind the massacres
The Catholic Church's Abu Ghraib

Onward Muslim Soldiers
How Jihad Still Threatens America and the West
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Norwegian police warn against Neo-Nazis
The Norwegian Police Security Service has issued a warning against violent, extreme groups after the neo-Nazi party NasjonalAlliansen established local branches in four districts throughout the country.

Boston sees surge in machete attacks
Law enforcement officials say they have seen a surge in machete attacks, which prompted East Boston police this spring to revive a little-known city ordinance banning knives longer than 2.5 inches. Several suburban communities have enacted similar ordinances to deal with the sword-like knives.

China offers incentives to stop aborting girls
Rural families in China, where there is a traditional bias for boys, are being offered cash incentives to stop aborting baby girls and help correct a sex imbalance, the China Daily said on Thursday. China has fascist rules on family planning that permit couples usually to have just one child.

Ratzinger: No place for Turkey in European Union
Turkey should seek its future in an association of Muslim nations rather than try to join a European community with Christian roots, the Vatican's Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger said in an interview distributed on Wednesday. The doctrinal head of the Roman Catholic Church said Turkey had always been " in permanent contrast to Europe" and linking it to Europe would be a mistake.

California annuls 4,000 same-sex marriages
California's Supreme Court has annulled about 4,000 same-sex marriages that took place in San Francisco. The court ruled that the city's mayor had overstepped his authority by issuing same-sex marriage licences earlier this year.

Vatican shuts down Austrian seminary after probe
A Vatican-appointed bishop has closed down an Austrian seminary following allegations of sexual impropriety. Bishop Klaus Kueng said the seminary in St Poelten, near Vienna, had veered away from its mission to train young men into the Roman Catholic Church.

Boy attacked, killed, for body parts trade
A South African boy has died more than a week after assailants hacked off his hand, ear and penis in a savage attack police suspect may be linked to the "muti" trade in body parts for witchcraft.

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